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Have you ever walked or had an activity all day and got extreme foot pain?
Today, FIXIFOOT has very good tips about relieving aches. Here are some tips for you !!   
1. Soak them
soaking feet in warm water around 3-5 minutes and then switch to soak them in cold water around 30-60 seconds, switch them like this for 15-20 minutes. Warm water will help blood vessels expand and cold water will cause blood to contract. Do it like this twice a day. This method helps the blood flow better and will reduce swelling of the feet well. 
2.Raise your feet higher than your heart level
raise our feet at an angle of 30 degrees from our head. May put the leg on the luggage or placed on a pillow under the legs can also help. This method helps to prevent swelling and helps to speed up the healing process.   
3.Foot massage
The best way to relieve foot pain is ‘massage’. We may use an osteopath at a hotel or spa, but if we want to save money, then I have easy ways to recommend. We may use assistive devices such as massage balls, massage rollers for healthy feet for acupressure to relax foot, foot massage machines which can massage from feet to ankles.   
4.Wear comfortable shoes
If you don’t want to have foot pain after walking or do activities for a long time, then you should choose comfortable shoes with a low heel to protect the deal. So that you can walk for a long time and won’t hurt your feet. 
What do you think of 4 easy ways after getting tired from using your feet all day? Let’s do it. And don’t forget to tell me if it’s better. Lol     
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