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Why are foot insoles so important to everyone?

Why are foot insoles so important to everyone?

Before starting a reflexology treatment, it is recommended to give them the respect they deserve and to wear shoes that are ready for them in size and form.

It’s okay if once in a while you have to wear evening shoes or high heels for an event, but the rest of the time give them the most optimal conditions so that they can carry the body weight better.

The feet have an arch, special pillows and small, delicate bones that bear the weight of the body, landing each time on the ground with a thud and absorbing the shock that shakes the entire skeleton.

If you do not wear proper shoes with insoles when this is what you need, the damage and shock to your skeleton and spine can cause you pain and deformity of the body in order to compensate for the unstable posture.

Orthopedic insoles or shoes with a wider, more comfortable footrest will be very helpful. In addition, try reflexology to solve other problems caused by incorrect posture.

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