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FIXIFOOT operate since 2018 with a clear goal of becoming the leading provider of premium custom insoles and foot care products to our customers.
Our commitment is to help people worldwide to easily buy custom-made, comfortable and quality orthopedic insoles.

FIXIFOOT insoles improve balance and reduce muscle fatigue by fully adapting to the ergonomics of the foot

FIXIFOOT insoles are designed to prevent problems such as back pain, knee pain, plantar fasciitis and more.

FIXIFOOT products line also includes cosmetic foot care.

FIXIFOOT insoles are made from the best high-quality materials and use the latest technology engineered to meet the demand of protective insoles. Made of extremely lightweight real carbon fiber with a strong and durable elastic buffer, EVA and XRD Poron, it provides help from plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and also flat feet.


Why use FIXIFOOT insoles?

FIXIFOOT Insoles are fitted with a unique 10 minutes method developed by the best physiotherapists and performed directly on the feet using a computer scan that analyzes the feet arch type and pressure points. This to provide the most accurate fit of the insoles.

To ensure comfort and quality along with high durability for our products, we have developed Insoles that will be able to withstand difficult conditions under heavy load, to fit athletes or those who need a more durable product.

A wonderful product along with attractive design allows the entire process to be effective and efficient without wasting the time of the clients

ANALYSIS Takes 3 photos in different positions to check alignment, balance and arch type

HEAT GUN The insoles are being wormed for 3 minutes and then they are ready for the molding process

10 MINUTES FIXIFOOT materials: Carbon fiber, EVA, XRD PORON This technology allows us to provide strong, flexible, comfortable and thin custom-made orthotic - only in 10 minutes!

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