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The integration of cosmetics and therapeutic products has led to the extraordinary collaboration of retail interior designers from the health and cosmetic industry to create the best and most accurate experience for the client.

We have put emphasis on professionalism with a medical tone, bringing us boutiques with an impressive and prominent design that presents our custom insoles together with FIXIFOOT products collection to visually illustrate our unique concept for customers and create trust and confidence.

Our shop design is suitable for different sizes of stores ranging from kiosk model or medical clinic to a special design concept store, arousing the curiosity of the passersby and sitting them from the first second look until the moment of sale and even after.

To ensure comfort and quality along with high durability for our products, we have developed Insoles that will be able to

withstand difficult conditions under heavy load, to fit athletes or those who need a more durable product.


ANALYSIS - Using a camera connected to a scanner we show an analysis of the feet arch type and pressure points. 

Then the computer program takes 3 images in different positions to identify misalignment (pronation or supination) and areas that require additional support.

The scanner shows the foot pressure dispersion by spreading the led lights underneath the customer foot and shows us the foot type (flat foot, low arch, normal arch or high arch).

OVEN- After the Analysis process, the insoles is inserted into a 100-degree oven for 3 minutes and then they become flexible and ready for the molding process.

MOLDING- Place the insoles on the memory foam molding pillow, then place the patient feet on the insoles.
Push with one hand the toe up and with other hand the arch area to provide accurate shaping of the heel and arch, to fit it perfectly and enables full adjustment directly on the Foot.

10 minutes only: The entire sales process is fast, easy and the satisfaction is 100% guaranteed for the clients.

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