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It is in th.fixi email Everyone can enjoy costume insoles but not everyone needs there is in general 2 groups
1. People that have a specific condition that require custom made insoles (banion, plantar fasciitis ext.
2. People with a healthy arch type - can still enjoy the benefit Fixifoot insoles mainly because Fixifoot technology gives an extra shock absorber that creates a domino effect that influence our lifestyle from walking easer up to sleeping better.

The most healthy way to choose the right size is to make sure that the touse do not touch the shoe, the gape for the general population should be around 1 cm (one size bigger), this is to avoid pressure on the feet.Fixifoot insoles are similar to the bubel insoles in the shoes and can be easy remove, so there is no need to buy a bigger size shoes (of course there is special condition that require different)

Same like going to the GYM After a good training there is an improvement But if you stop completely there will be a fullbackFixifoot recommends maintenance!Fixifoot insoles will actually improve the muscle (Arch muscle)When you will get to the right /healthy feet shape you should maintain to prevent fullback in the condition of the feet

Fixifoot technically based on 3 main material:Carbon fiberEvaXRD PoronThe combination of all this material together with the fact that Fixifoot is a custom made insoles allow Fixifoot to provide insoles that are great for walking, running a marathon and more..For example XRD Poron is material that gives 90% extra shock absorber and will ease the bones friction and the impact during any movementThe effect is so major that it can affect your sleep

one time cost includes free check ups,free remodelingFixifoot is offering a treatment over Time with the use of our dynamic and remolded insolesUse fixifoot and the improvement will not be late to come The insoles can least around 2-5 years depends on weight, time of use and moreWe recommend using Fixifoot insoles minimum 3 times a week 1 hour per each dayAmazing Value for money!

Most insoles in Thailand and the world are made from silicon up to plastic and other materials- these are static insoles.static insoles insoles are not For sport and can not change the foot archFixifoot insoles technology allow us to make custom made insoles in 10 minutes straight to useAnd are re adjustable insolescan be used for 2-5 yearsone time cost includes free check ups,free remodeling

We are sorry to say but no!With no offensive to any brand but you can check for yourself:If you remove the inside insoles from your shoes put on the floor and put your foot on that insoleAnd that ask:Is there a gap?Is there any real support?Normally the insoles material is foam or memory-formFixifoot insoles is costume madeMade from the costumer body weight with no gap , strong support and good shock absorberYou can find a variety of options in Fixifoot products

Different from others Fixifoot insoles made of 3 main materials that provide strong support, flexibility and comfortOn top of that the insoles are very thin and in most cases can easily replace the existing insoles that comes with your shoesper of insoles is enough in one condition: do not be lazy!!Remember! We want you to make a change and for that you need to use the insoles!Fixifoot have great promotion if you buy more than 1 per

No no no!Fixifoot insoles are specific for each personNeed to understand the logic:If someone use insoles that is not costume made for them or from the wrong material he/her take a risk of injure themselves

Because Fixifoot insoles is costume made and from special material (carbon fiber, Eva , XRD Poron) you will feel the improve already after 3 daysNo magic ! Physical. MathematicsLet's imagine:If someone will help you walk, support you when you walking They will take the load From each step you makeThis is exactly how Fixifoot insoles are workinggiving a strong, flexible and an amazing shock absorber that corrects your weight distribution to be healthy in every step!constant use of Fixifoot insoles will improve your condition quickly

Fixifoot approach is :All kids are Born with "flat feet" but its not permanent. until the age of around 7 the feet will change, Each according to there geneticThis is way Fixifoot do not recommend to do insoles before 7 years oldIf there is a recommendation from your doctor before the age of 7, Follow your doctor!But Fixifoot policy is 7+

We hear a lot of people above the age of 70 say:"You can not help me , I'm old.."Not true!!!The fact shows:1. There is a major relief on the load on the feet2. There is a big improvement if use 3 days a week (minimum time)

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